An Introduction to my session at #IATEFL Glasgow on Friday 23rd March

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IATEFL session


Recently I’ve been teaching adults at IH Newcastle…and after specialising in YLs for over 15 years, I never thought I would find the same enjoyment teaching adults. However, I’ve found that I use the same motivating techniques with ¬†adults…singing, chanting, dancing, playing. etc. Admittedly, I’m the one who does most of the dancing but it does get them motivated, makes them laugh (which lowers the affective filter) and gives them something to talk about. I think if they see that you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, and act childishly, they are too and their inner child is unleashed. The advantage of this is regression is perhaps linked to first language acquisition, and students acquire the language being taught in a way that they learned their first language.

Samples of post lesson whiteboards

More board work

Inspiration mindmap

I have just been preparing my session for IATEFL in Glasgow, and reflecting on where I get my inspiration from.

When I was 14 I made a note of a quote from a book I was reading at the time. It was the first time I had done that, and the quote has stayed with me and motivated me ever since. Every time I think of it, I think of the person who wrote it and the situation they were in at the time of writing. It inspires me to think that this person could have such a positive outlook on life, when their situation was almost definitely doomed and they must have been surrounded with depression and worry. It was also written at a time when TV had hardly been invented, and there was certainly no such distractions as Facebook, Twitter, X-box, etc. I think this quote has even more significance now with all of the TV, DVD, Streaming options we have available to us…it’s not to say we shouldn’t watch things, just be selective and don’t let it dictate your life. Being productive, in any shape or form always leaves me with a strong sense of accomplishment which I can relish in.

‘Laziness may appear¬†attractive, but work gives satisfaction’

Anne Frank (Aged 14)

ETAS Yverdon les Bains

What a fantastic conference. It’s so well organised and the teachers are so friendly and enthusiastic. It makes a change to attend a conference representing myself, but really enjoyed working with the group of teachers who attended my session. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
Here’s a copy of the powerpoint I used, I hope it reminds you of the things we talked about…if not drop me a line I always love to hear from people and like to know how you get on. Also have a look around my blog as there are some other pages which might interest you.
It was great to meet you all,
JaneETAS Making the most of Classroom Management

Whole school projects

I was recently reminded about a session I did with Emma Lopes at the International House Young Learner conference back in 2006 in Torres Vedras.
When I was working as the DoS at IH Porto we regularly coordinated projects for the whole school to get involved. It created a very motivating environment and brought all ages and levels together. It was also good publicity for the school as we would invite people in to have a look at what were doing.
Having tasks that are differentiated by outcome (rather than by level) means that students can work within their own capabilities. It also helps teachers identify students’ strengths and weaknesses which aids future planning and assessment.

Hopefully this document (a pdf version of the original session) will inspire and motivate other teachers to look outside for topics for projects.


Whole school projects

Creating Chants

I’ve created a new page called Creating Chants, where you can find quick and easy chants to use. I’ll try to add at least one every week, but feel free to add your own and let us know how you used it.