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Engaging YLs with content,language and learning skills

What a fantastic session with some great teachers in Lausanne, Switzerland on Saturday 8th Nov 2014.

Here is the presentation. I hope it impacts on your teaching and you found the ideas and activities useful.

My 3 takeaways (from a presenter’s point of view)

Some teachers really picked up on the little things I said, which weren’t planned or one of the aims. Remember that this happens in class too. Learners will acquire the language they are ready to learn, which might not be the same thing that you have intended to teach.

A teacher with an MA in TEYL said that she learned loads of new things. It doesn’t matter how much experience we have, or what qualifications we have there is always room for more learning.

Feeding ideas to teachers breeds more ideas. There was so much creativity going on. I love the thought that they will go on and share the ideas with their colleagues, which in turn will influence their learners. There is something to be said for cascading knowledge.

I look forward to returning to  ETAS one day 🙂


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Promoting learner Autonomy


Here is a power-point presentation summarising some sessions I presented recently

fostering learner autonomy

We all think to ourselves, and have an ‘innervoice’. To help or students improve their English encourage them to think about what  they could say to themselves. Set a home-learning task for them to  think in English for 5-10 minutes every day. They could do this while they are walking or travelling to work/college, while they are cooking, having a shower, or just before they go to bed! (Then hopefully they will dream in English…the ultimate goal!) 

Here is a handout you could use.

 Thinking in English jmhdr


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Recently I’ve been teaching adults at IH Newcastle…and after specialising in YLs for over 15 years, I never thought I would find the same enjoyment teaching adults. However, I’ve found that I use the same motivating techniques with  adults…singing, chanting, dancing, playing. etc. Admittedly, I’m the one who does most of the dancing but it does get them motivated, makes them laugh (which lowers the affective filter) and gives them something to talk about. I think if they see that you are prepared to make a fool of yourself, and act childishly, they are too and their inner child is unleashed. The advantage of this is regression is perhaps linked to first language acquisition, and students acquire the language being taught in a way that they learned their first language.

Samples of post lesson whiteboards

More board work

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ETAS Yverdon les Bains

What a fantastic conference. It’s so well organised and the teachers are so friendly and enthusiastic. It makes a change to attend a conference representing myself, but really enjoyed working with the group of teachers who attended my session. Thanks for all the positive feedback!
Here’s a copy of the powerpoint I used, I hope it reminds you of the things we talked about…if not drop me a line I always love to hear from people and like to know how you get on. Also have a look around my blog as there are some other pages which might interest you.
It was great to meet you all,
JaneETAS Making the most of Classroom Management

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